Mrs.Charmaine Attard

About me

I have graduated from MCAST with a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Advance Early years (0-8 years). My daily moto is "if you don't love life, you are not living at all". I consider myself as a very positive person and I love to see others happy. My work is my hobby and I enjoy researching and trying out new ideas which then I can relate and adapt with my students. I enjoy life as it comes and make the most of it by appreciating what I have around me. My friends describe me as organised, charismatic and I know how to have good clean fun. 

Prior to teaching I have explored various work related with children, however teaching has been the most rewarding out of them all. I enjoy listening to students and work upon what they want to learn and this keeps me young at heart and full of motivation. I consider myself creative and a good listener. I'm patient yet I like discipline. Positive reinforcement is by far the most effective teaching resource I use with my students and there is nothing better than praise  in a classroom. 

My aim as a K.G.E is to enhance my students' skills by providing them with a holistic development that is related to the Early Years Curriculum but most importantly that is important and related to the child's everyday life.

Charmaine Attard

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